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Multi Ethnic kIds

The Right Place for Your Children

With lots of learning and fun, we work towards building a right and bright foundation for your children.

Why Choose Us?

Listed below are the reasons to choose us:

Licensed facility
Quality food
Educated and experienced staff
Full-time summer programs
Before- and after-school transportation available
Kids Playschool

Your Trusted Daycare Centre in Calgary-North East

Do you need your child/children to go to a place where education and fun go hand-in-hand? If yes, ESG Child Play Care Centre is the name you can trust. We take pride in being a fully licensed daycare centre in Calgary-North East. Our team is committed to meeting the varying needs of children in the area. The curriculum we follow and the learning activities we conduct are age-appropriate, and are related to children’s needs and interests.

At our childcare facility, we believe that every child is special. Hence, we provide your child with all the love, care, and learning in a homelike environment that responds to the physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and creative needs of each child. Also, our children come from different backgrounds and cultures. Some of the children speak English as their second language. Our goal is to help your child learn to respect and celebrate the values and cultures of each country.

We have an open-door policy so parents are always welcome to visit, volunteer, or share their talents and culture with our children. Communication is done through communication books, monthly newsletters or verbally, and we keep our communication open to parents and staff.

Book an Appointment

You will be happy to know that we are located in the community of Coventry Hills. We accommodate children from 12 months to 12 years old. We utilize various community resources and associate ourselves with local schools like the Coventry Hills schools, St. Clare, Nose Creek, and Panorama schools where we are transporting our children to. Our goal is to become a valued member of the Coventry Hills Community and help to contribute to the community in any way possible. Call us today to learn more about our services. We will be happy to assist you.



Worry no more about your child’s food and nutrition when you enrol them into our childcare facility. We provide quality food which is home-cooked by the owner. Healthy ingredients and hygienic methods are used to ensure the optimum well-being of your child.



Children tend to learn fast through games and activities. This is because of their interest and interaction during the activities. Our team, with vast experience and knowledge, ensures to build a bright future for your child in a fun-filled environment.



When you enrol your child into our facility, our licensed and experienced staff makes sure to take optimum care of them. Right from their education to fun activities and food habits, we provide close supervision over everything. Your child’s safety and growth is our top priority.

Real-time Childcare App

Connect with teachers and know about your child’s real-time activities.

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