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Check Out the Daycare Programs We Offer in Calgary-North East

Do you want your child to have a great future? If yes, thorough nurturing from an early age is very important. Children tend to learn a lot in their early days. They observe every little thing from their surroundings and the people around them and try to learn and implement their learnings. So, enrol your child into ESG Child Play Care Centre today, and we will help your child grow. We offer an array of daycare programs in Calgary-North East. We provide time and space to empower children to enhance their individual intellectual abilities while identifying their strengths and talents. Call us today to learn more about our childcare programs. Take a look at the list below to learn more about our activities:

All are age and ability appropriate activities
Activities are planned and adjusted to meet children’s individual preferences and/or cultural/religious practices
Activities are input from children and are responsive to their backgrounds, needs, and abilities
We provide toys and equipment in a chronological age range, and playrooms are designed for each specific age group with different activity centres using non-toxic materials
Each activity center is maintained by staff who continually cleans, replaces, rearranges and augments the same to suit learning possibilities. They understand the developmental and cognitive capacities of each child and match the curriculum to these abilities. Furthermore, they guide children and allow them to solve problems for an increased sense of effectiveness and competence. Moreover, activity centers provide fun, playful, educational, interactive and valuable learning experiences to young children
Additional support provided for some special needs from the Cause and Effect Foundation and the Kin-Dir Education Foundation
Books are swapped out weekly from the public library
We also have many Montessori activities
Photo day - a professional photographer takes the picture to create memories
Family multicultural day - parents are encouraged to attend.

At our facility, each activity centre is maintained by staff that continually cleans, replaces, rearranges, and augments the same to suit learning possibilities. They are capable of understanding the developmental and cognitive capacities of each child. This helps us match the curriculum to suit these abilities. Also, they guide children and allow them to solve the problem for an increased sense of effectiveness and competence. Moreover, activity centres provide fun, playful, educational, interactive, and valuable learning experiences for young children.

Find below the information about our activities for different age groups:


1 Year - 19 Months Old

With consistent and responsive primary care, we improve the bonding and trust among children. The infants’ needs for feeding, diapering, and cuddling are met quickly, predictably and viewed as opportunities for positive adult-infant interaction. The staff ratio is 1 to 4 infants. Our activities include peekaboo, pat-a-cake, hiding object games, imitation and copying games, reading, role plays, fingerplays (hand motions), and conversations + observations.


20 Months - 3 Years Old

The beginning of independence is supported with planned activities of short duration that require little sharing. Children are consoled and cuddled during their frustrating attempts at trying new skills. Continual enhancement of social, emotional, and physical development is a major focus. The staff ratio is 1 to 6 children. Our activities include a variety of games such as freeze dance and hokey pokey, singing and dancing, music and dancing, reading together, exploring different toys/props, outside play (weather dependent), conversations + observations, circle time, matching and sorting games, and imaginary play.

3 - 4 Years Old

Programs for this age group provide opportunities for children to experience all areas of development. Our professionals create an environment that will support and foster school readiness and success. The staff ratio is 1 to 8 children. Our activities include storytelling (individual and group), imaginary play, reading books together, explore different toys/props, teaching words/phrases in peers languages, singing, music, dancing, matching and sorting games, food preparation activities, outside play (weather dependent), explore different toys/props, and more.

4 - 6 Years Old

Educational programming and services are designed on individual needs, interests, and abilities of children, and are provided within a developmentally appropriate context. The staff ratio is 1 to 10 children. Our activities include card and board games, outside play (weather dependent), storytelling (individual and group), physical game (red light, duck duck goose, Simon says, etc.), movement and song games, copy games, singing, dancing, music, explore different toys/props, food preparation assisting, guessing games, reading, logic and reasoning games, rhythm games, quiet time, and more.

6 - 12 Years Old
(Before- and After-School/Summer Program)

Programs for this school-age are designed to foster creativity, self-expression, and a sense of belongingness. The staff ratio is 1 staff to 15 school-agers. Our activities include games of all sorts listed above, science and technology activities, sports such as basketball and badminton, brainteasers, music, singing, dancing, puzzles, field trips on summer days, and more.

Children Need to Grow at Their Own Pace

The capability and interests of each child are different. Hence, we have an array of activities and programs to meet every child’s needs.

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